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WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder Download

on October 1, 2023

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Discover the ⚡#1 cost estimate, quotes and payment forms builder⚡ for WordPress, allowing you to sell any type of products and personalized services on your website.

Presenting a robust and versatile solution for your WordPress needs – the premier Cost Estimate, Quotes, and Payment Forms Builder. This top-tier plugin, designed for efficiency and precision, offers unbeatable quality and sophisticated functionality. Catering to those who prioritize excellence and comprehensive features, this tool is sure to enhance your WordPress experience.

The Cost Estimate and Payment Forms Builder for WordPress is not just another plugin; it is the embodiment of quality and comprehensive functionality, setting an unparalleled standard in the WordPress ecosystem.

Why this plugin ?

In the world of form builders for WordPress, where monotony is king, we invite you to experience a break from the mundane, a divergence from the cookie-cutter plugins. It’s not about bending your needs to fit the tool anymore; this plugin is about delivering a tool that morphs and evolves to suit your needs.

The Cost Estimate and Payment Forms Builder for WordPress is not following trends; it sets them. Ground-breaking and innovative from inception, original inventor of many features clumsily copied by competitors, it is continually fine-tuned based on valuable feedback from our discerning users, offering you a powerfully unique experience.

Singularly crafted by a meticulous and dynamic developer, this plugin brings you a thoroughly holistic software experience that prioritizes your requirements, rather than forcing conformity.

Unveil a revolutionized way to visualize and manage your form processes – an approach so compelling that once tasted, it becomes irreplaceable.


Immerse yourself in the next-gen Forms Builder for WordPress, curated to seamlessly sell any type of personalized services and products.

Boasting over 21,000 sales and a sterling 5-star rating from the community, this plugin is continually evolving over nine years, testament to frequent updates and an unwavering commitment to quality. With rapid and effective support that has won over users, the infinite potential and user-friendly nature of this plugin are sure to captivate you and keep your customers engrossed.

Witness the fusion of power and simplicity – design intricate conditional processes and custom calculations in mere minutes with our intuitive visual tools.

You can issue customized quotes to your customers or facilitate single and recurring payments straight from your website using PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, or WooCommerce.

The plugin’s versatility allows you to sell any service or product: from applications, websites, graphics, SEO, to lunar fragments. It is equipped with a plethora of robust tools and options, enabling the creation of diverse form types, offering features like calendar & booking management, customer management, email and PDF templates, and much more.

The plugin seamlessly integrates with MailChimp, MailPoet, and GetResponse, allowing you to collate received data and relay it to Zapier.

WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder also harmonizes with WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads. Create gift creators or intelligent product pack generators with ease, automatically adding the selected products to the cart at the end of the form.

The robust booking system allows you to manage bookings, calendars, events, and email reminders directly from the backend of the plugin. Explore the ultimate WordPress plugin experience today. Dive into the realm of unparalleled quality, functionality, and sophistication. Welcome to the Cost Estimate and Payment Forms Builder for WordPress.


⚡Versatile Form Builder:
Unleash creativity with an array of forms including contact, quiz, booking, cost estimation, payment, survey, and more. All made possible with this plugin.

⚡Unprecedented Backend System:
Explore an unmatched application right within your WordPress backend. Packed with a multitude of tools and options, it’s the epitome of user-friendliness and intuitiveness.

⚡Customizable Components:
Personalize each component with numerous options in the component editing panel. Unleash sliders, selectable images & icons, checkbox, switchbox, buttons, maps, color pickers, layered images, and much more.

⚡Intuitive Drag & Drop Builder:
Creating complex layouts is a breeze with the visual step builder tool. Manage your rows, columns and components, duplicate them in one click, and place them freely with drag & drop.

⚡Advanced Multi-step System:
Design and control form steps using a unique visual system. Link steps visually and define the appropriate visibility conditions for each one, enabling you to easily create any complex form process.

⚡Effortless Online Payment:
Payment made easy with Paypal, Stripe, and Razorpay online payment options in your forms. Also compatible with any WooCommerce payment gateway when used.

⚡Dynamic Price Calculation:
Seamlessly define dynamic prices & quantities based on form elements with its visual calculation system. Ideal for customizing the user experience.

⚡Geolocation Capabilities:
Enter your Google Maps API key to utilize map components, draw itinerary and calculate the distance between two addresses for price & quantity calculations.

⚡Smart Form Creation Wizard:
Rapidly configure your form’s main settings with the form creation wizard tool. Plus, with its automatic color predefining feature, just upload an image (like your logo) and get your form colors sorted.

⚡Running Total & Subscriptions:
Automated calculations of selected items along with subscription support, presenting a single total cost + a recurring cost, even with payment options activated.

⚡Stunning Visual Customizations:
Fully customize the styles, colors and effects of your form with a wide range of design options, giving you total control over the look and feel.

⚡Innovative Form Designer System:
Visually modify any element of your form. This tool automatically generates the corresponding CSS rules and allows for direct editing.

⚡Dynamic Content System:
Show the price/value/quantity of any form element in custom text or HTML code with the “Custom content” component.

⚡Layered Images Component:
Display multiple superimposed images with the freedom to define the visibility conditions of each, providing a unique aesthetic touch.

⚡Customer Management:
Keep track of customer data and visualize their orders from various forms on your website, ensuring all client data is easily accessible.

⚡Customer Account System:
Customers can access their own account page to modify their data and view their orders, providing a personalized user experience.

⚡Order Editing:
All orders are stored and can be edited directly from the plugin backend. Update order status, modify order content, then download or email them directly from the order editing panel.

⚡PDF Generation:
Customers can download their quote in the form or receive it via email upon form submission, as a quote or an invoice.

⚡GET Variable Prefill:
Auto-fill the fields of your form with the GET parameters detected in the URL, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

⚡Data Integration with Other Software & Services:
Send form data to Zapier, enabling the transfer of information to any other software or service. Directly send contact information to MailChimp, MailPoet or GetResponse upon completion of the step containing the email field.

⚡Support for WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads:
Assign Woo and EDD products to form items and auto-add them to the cart upon form completion, with prices as defined or calculated in the form. Detect the current Woo product, assign it to an item, and show the full form summary as product attribute in the Woo order.

⚡Form Statistics:
Track your earnings from estimates, payments, and subscriptions by year or month for each form at the click of a button.

⚡Field Validation:
Define your field validation conditions freely or use custom validation masks, ensuring accurate data collection.

⚡Conditional Final Redirection:
Set multiple possible final redirections and define the conditions based on the form selection for each, directing users seamlessly to their next destination.

⚡Discount Code System:
Create discount coupons that apply reductions on total cost. Each code can have its own reduction type (fixed amount or percentage) and maximum number of uses.

⚡Progress Saving:
Allow customers to save their form progression to continue later. The plugin uses the browser’s local storage to store and recover selections.

⚡Complete Booking System:
Manage calendars and events, configure email reminders, available hours and days of the week, and more. Assign a calendar to a date picker, register events automatically upon order submission, and define the maximum number of possible events.

⚡Electronic Signature:
Let your customers sign their order directly from the final form step. The signature is added to the email and PDF file sent to the admin.

⚡Google Analytics Integration:
Track all visited form steps by entering your Google Analytics key in the form settings.

⚡Component Visibility Conditions:
Define visibility conditions for any form element, based on the selection made and the values filled by the user.

⚡Dynamic Form Selection Summary:
The plugin generates a summary table of the form selection, displayed at any step, in the final step and sent by email. Customize it extensively via the “Summary” settings panel.

⚡SMTP Email Account:
Streamline your communications! Configure an existing SMTP email account within our plugin’s settings and all the emails sent by the plugin will be dispatched directly from this account.

⚡Customer & Admin Email Customization:
Control your messaging with ease. Directly from the plugin backend, you can freely modify the content of the emails sent to the admin and to the customer, using a WYSIWYG editor.

⚡Google reCaptcha 3:
Protect your forms from spam and bots effortlessly. By simply adding your Google ReCaptcha 3 to the form settings, you can secure your forms without any friction.

⚡GDPR Compliance:
Meet your GDPR obligations. Our forms are 100% GDPR compliant, providing customers with the ability to view, modify, and request the deletion of their data.

⚡Flexible Form Display:
Seamless integration with your site. The form shortcode generator lets you control how the form is displayed in the page. Inline, fullscreen, or as a popup – the choice is yours. You can also change the default start step directly from the shortcode.

⚡Multi-lingual & International:
Reach a wider audience. Duplicate your form with a single click and adjust its texts, currency, prices, and date formats to target different countries and languages.

⚡Price Range Result:
Give your customers flexibility. The form can generate a price range result instead of a precise total cost. Define a proportional or fixed range amount from the settings of the form as per your needs.

⚡Powerful Variables System:
Take control of your form’s process. The variables tool allows you to create custom number or text variables that can be altered during the form process, used in calculations, and displayed in “Custom content” components.

Import/Export Data System:
Transfer your forms data to another website in just 3 clicks! Never lose your valuable form data.

⚡Automatic Updates:
Stay updated, always. With our one-click updates, benefit from new features and improvements brought by each new version.

⚡Countless Options:
Discover the possibilities. Find a vast number of useful and well-organized options for your forms, steps, and each type of components.

Unlock unlimited potential. With unlimited forms, steps, components, and endless possibilities by combining the myriad options present, you’re only limited by your imagination.

⚡Premium Support:
Need help? Benefit from our efficient, fast, and friendly support, directly from the author of this unique plugin. Our support is rated 5 stars by customers.

⚡And so much more!
There’s still so much more for you to discover with our plugin. It’s not just a plugin, it’s a complete solution for your form needs.

Potential Use-Cases for Cost Estimate and Payment Forms Builder for WordPress

Unlock the true potential of your online business with the versatile and powerful Cost Estimate and Payment Forms Builder for WordPress. This plugin is designed to meet various market needs, offering a plethora of options for different industries. Explore some of the potential applications:

  • Service Industry:
    • Create booking and cost estimation forms for hotels and restaurants.
    • Integrate with WooCommerce to sell service packages.
  • Retail Businesses:
    • Seamlessly handle online payments for products with PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay.
    • Offer a dynamic price calculation system for customizable products.
  • Educational Institutes:
    • Implement survey and quiz forms for student assessments.
    • Manage course bookings with the complete booking system.
  • Event Management:
    • Utilize the booking system for scheduling events and sending email reminders.
    • Offer online payment options for event registrations.
  • Healthcare Sector:
    • Create forms for appointment bookings and online consultations.
    • Enable geolocation capabilities for services like home healthcare.
  • Real Estate:
    • Use advanced multi-step systems for complex real estate queries.
    • Implement dynamic price calculation for different property types.
  • Freelancers and Agencies:
    • Generate customizable quotes for projects like graphics, web development, and SEO.
    • Manage customer data and project bookings effortlessly.
  • Subscription-Based Businesses:
    • Handle recurring payments with subscription support.
    • Automate calculation of selected items for subscription costs.
  • Non-Profits:
    • Integrate donation forms with multiple payment options.
    • Utilize survey forms to collect feedback and data.
  • Automotive Industry:
    • Implement forms for service bookings and cost estimates for repairs.
    • Utilize geolocation for pickup and delivery services.
  • Travel and Tourism:
    • Offer booking forms for tour packages, flights, and accommodations.
    • Integrate real-time cost estimations for customized travel plans.
  • Agriculture Sector:
    • Deploy forms for ordering farming equipment and supplies online.
    • Facilitate online payments for CSA subscriptions and market sales.
  • Construction and Architecture:
    • Provide cost estimation forms for various construction projects.
    • Enable online booking for initial consultation and project assessments.
  • Fitness and Well-being:
    • Allow customers to book fitness classes and personal training sessions.
    • Enable dynamic pricing for different wellness packages.
  • Public Sector and Government:
    • Integrate forms for public service applications and renewals.
    • Facilitate online payments for fines, taxes, and other governmental fees.
  • Technology and Software:
    • Offer trial and subscription plans for software products.
    • Implement dynamic pricing options for scalable technology solutions.
  • Legal Services:
    • Enable booking forms for legal consultations and services.
    • Offer payment plans and subscription options for long-term legal aid.
  • Media and Entertainment:
    • Facilitate ticket bookings for movies, concerts, and events.
    • Enable digital downloads and online payments for media content.
  • Craftsmanship and Art:
    • Enable commission bookings for custom crafts and artworks.
    • Implement cost estimates for different materials and labor hours.
  • Wedding and Event Planning:
    • Allow clients to customize and book event packages.
    • Offer optional add-ons and services with dynamic pricing.

With its unmatched flexibility, this plugin offers limitless possibilities for various business needs, enhancing user experience while maximizing your business potential.

Billed once per year until cancelled

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    Beaver Builder, Block Editor, BuddyPress 10.x.x, Easy Digital Downloads, Elementor, Elementor Pro, Gravity Forms, Visual Composer, WooCommerce 7.x.x, WooCommerce 6.x.x, WooCommerce 5.x.x, WPBakery Page Builder, Cornerstone, Bootstrap 5.x

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  • Software Version
    WordPress 6.2.x, WordPress 6.1.x, WordPress 6.0.x, WordPress 5.9.x, WordPress 5.8.x, WordPress 5.7.x, WordPress 5.6.x,

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INR 499.00

Billed once per year until cancelled

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